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You've had it coming.. You've had it coming..

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really good!

hey this is really awsome, and so sad at the same time, i wish i could write something this original, i like the strings, what instruments are you using? i like the fact that they are so strong in this song, you think i could write the lyrics and make a cover version, if you would let me, please ^^

elektrobear responds:


The strings, as well as the piano and some other instruments I sometimes use, I found in the free soundfonts portion of Audix's music site. Just google "Audix Music Soundfonts" and the strings are there. It's all done in Fruity Loops btw.

As for lyrics, I've already written some, though I'd love to see your take on the song. That goes for lyrics and cover. It'll be interesting to see how you interpret the music and compare it to my interpretation.

As for writing something this original.. I listened to your preview track, and I liked what I heard. It needed some work, but it's definately heading somewhere!